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Educational Resources

John R. Green Co. carries a number of products designed specifically to benefit children with special needs. View our educational resources online today!

Students with special needs typically need a little extra help or different tools to learn important skills. At John R. Green Co., we have a wide range of educational resources for special needs students for sale, all with affordable pricing and the support you can expect from the classroom supply professionals.

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Educational Tools for Special Needs Students

There are many different types of educational resources available for students with special needs. These typically focus on specific skills or subjects, such as:
  • American Sign Language (ASL). Children with or without special needs can benefit from improving their communicative skills with ASL. To help them do so, we have several kits and flashcards.
  • Emotional and social skills. Many special needs students have difficulty with social and emotional skills, and the right tools and activities can help them better understand these subtle abilities. We have a range of games, activities, emotion symbols and conversation cards to help students work through emotions and situations with the appropriate support in place.
  • Language arts. Many language arts tools are available in formats that better support the needs of students with special needs. They may use tactile figures for kids to manipulate or present easy-to-read cards.
  • Learning skills. Some special needs students have to build their learning skills, such as visual discrimination and expressive and receptive language skills. Learning cards are a great way to teach these skills and help students build a foundation for the rest of their education.
  • Life skills. Daily living can look very different for students with special needs. Progress cards and informational books can help them practice and master these skills.
  • Letters and reading. We carry many alphabet resources for special needs students, including several tactile options such as sandpaper letters and touch-and-trace cards. For young readers, we also have some hand pointers and reading guides to help them keep their place in a book.
  • Art. Art class can be difficult enough for students with full motor control. Many special needs students benefit from brushes and crayons designed in larger sizes or unique shapes that are easier to control.
  • Organizational skills. Organization doesn't always come easy, but our array of calendars can help you keep track of the day and teach students these valuable logistic skills. Also, check out our student planners if you're looking for a more individualized approach.
In addition to all these tools, we have several resources designed to help teachers and parents learn how to best support their special needs students. These include books on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Special Needs Classroom Tools From John R. Green Co.

Special education teachers know just what their students need to succeed. John R. Green Co. is dedicated to offering a wide selection of both popular and hard-to-find products at affordable prices. We also have excellent customer support and are happy to help you find what you're looking for.
Browse our educational resources for special needs students for sale and contact us with any questions!