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Special Needs

Support your students with a wide range of special education classroom tools for sale from John R. Green Co.. Shop resources, fidgets and tactile items today.

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Special education classroom tools can run the gamut, from sensory toys to American Sign Language (ASL) guides and special tools for kids with reduced motor skills. John R. Green Co. has a wide range of teaching materials for special needs students, great for both general education and special education classrooms.

Special Education Classroom Resources for Sale

Our special education classroom materials cover a wide range of areas, such as attention issues, fidgeting, social skill development and sensory stimulation. This inventory of teaching materials for special needs students includes the following:
  • Educational resources: Special needs students often need a little extra help in traditional subjects such as language arts and reading. We have many tools for these areas as well as teaching social skills, ASL, organization skills, emotional regulation and the arts. We also carry special education materials for teachers and parents to better help a child based on their unique learning abilities.
  • Fidgets: Keep those jitters in check with a wide range of fidget toys. They often help hyperactive students and those who struggle with attention disorders. Devices can include toys that spin, stretch and bend in satisfying, tactile ways. In this category, you'll also find fidget products that allow children to bounce their feet around and wiggle away without disruption.
  • Fine motor skill tools: Support developing fine motor skills with a range of tools such as beads and laces, bean bags, Play-Doh, sand, scarves and ribbons for special education students. We also carry a massive range of miscellaneous tools and games for developing fine motor skills and everyday practical skills, such as tying a shoe or buttoning a shirt. 
  • Sensory and tactile items: Many students can benefit from the experience that comes from sensory items designed to stimulate senses such as touch, smell and sight. These items might include squishy balls, putty, textured toys, sand, hearing toys and sensory discs, eggs and stones. We also carry sensory trays to contain some of the messier items.
  • Weighted clothing and blankets: Weighted items can be a great calming tool for many children, providing a sensory experience and soothing anxious or unfocused students. These can come in the form of lap pads, blankets, toys, scarves, pillows and vests.
The list doesn't end there. We also have various other resources that can be game-changers for a special education classroom or standard class with students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs). These special education and IEP materials for teachers include seating options, such as tactile cushions, floor rockers, inflatable balls and cushions. You'll also find chew sets, cozy forts, light filters, headphones, timers and speech mirrors, among many other tools.

Your Partner in Educational Materials for Special Needs Students

When it comes to supporting your special needs students, John R. Green Co. is up for the task. Our huge selection of teaching materials for special needs students is full of high-quality yet affordable tools that allow teachers and support staff to better help students. Check out our wide array of instructional materials for students with learning disabilities and other special needs.If you have any questions, reach out to a knowledgeable customer service representative!