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STEM Books

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) books for students provide challenges, lessons and worksheets. Browse our selection today.

STEM activities and topics can get a little overwhelming. There are countless activities to do and subjects to cover. Thankfully, our STEM books for students help make sense of it all. Whether you're looking for lesson outlines, lab books for students or challenges and activities, we have a range of STEM lab books for sale online. John R. Green Co. is a trusted source for quality educational materials for STEM teachers.

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STEM Lab Books for Sale

There's no better opportunity for hands-on learning than STEM classes. Our STEM lab books for sale deliver a wide range of resources to help you map out your courses and teach exciting, engaging lessons from kindergarten to middle school. Some of our STEM books for students include:
  • Challenge books. These books typically use everyday items, such as colored pencils, tape, toothpicks and coins, to facilitate fun problem-solving challenges that call for critical thinking skills and scientific inquiry. They're often targeted toward grade-specific standards and can be incorporated into lessons or used as stand-alone activities.
  • Lesson outlines. Guided lessons offer a more structured resource for teaching concepts. They typically culminate in experiments or projects that use the topics learned. Other possible included elements are assessments and keys.
  • Worksheets. Worksheets can be combined with lessons or challenges and are a great way to assess students' understanding and teach at the same time.

Using STEM Books for Students

Whether you're trying to incorporate STEM into your existing lessons or add all-new concepts into the mix, these books are an excellent choice. Some topics they cover include:
  • Earth sciences. Start talking rocks, oceans, space and stars with an Earth sciences book all about our favorite spinning rock.
  • Alternative energy. Teach students about the multitude of ways in which we can create alternative energy from wind, solar, water, biomass, geothermal and nuclear sources. These types of technology are essential for securing ever-evolving career opportunities and supporting society's changing needs.
  • Life sciences. With life sciences STEM resources, students might learn about plant and animal cell structures, how the human body works and what makes an ecosystem.
  • Engineering and physics. Topics such as magnetism, force, weight and mass are all essential in learning how the world works and developing engineering skills.
  • Higher-order skills. While you won't often see them in textbooks, skills such as communication, creativity, critical thinking and planning are absolutely essential for any student, especially those involved in STEM.
Whether you want to focus on one or two parts of STEM or cover the whole thing, our STEM lab books for sale can help.

Support STEM Learning With Books From John R. Green Co.

Whatever grade level you teach, John R. Green Co. can help. No one knows your class like you, so we offer a large selection of STEM books for students for sale online to choose from. All come at competitive prices and with the exceptional product support you can expect from the school supply pros.
If you have any questions, please reach out to us! You can also view our full inventory of STEM lab books for sale online and order online today.