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John R. Green Co. has an array of educational robot kits for sale online! View our products and make a purchase today!

Robotics can be an entertaining way for students to learn and refine a host of new skills, from programming to collaboration. John R. Green Co. has a wide range of robots and mats for any group of students to hone their science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) capabilities. These products are great for both regular classrooms and extracurricular clubs.

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STEAM Robots and Robotic Mats for Sale Online

We can supply a STEAM educational robot kit for unlimited possibilities. We carry the Edison educational robot that's compatible with Lego® bricks and scalable for numerous opportunities. These robots work with a variety of free software programs, such as EdBlocks, EdWare and EdPy. They also come with a range of lesson plans and parts to combine with the robot.
In addition to robots, you'll need something to put them on to support your student's challenges and goals. Our inventory includes a variety of robotics mats for sale online with different designs:
  • Sphero tracks and fun mats: While built for Sphero robots, these twisting paths and games work with many other robots.
  • Code & Go alphabet, numbers and animal grids: These grids are again built for a specific robot — the Code & Go system — but work with many others. They feature 5x5 grids with random numbers, animals and alphabet letters for a range of activities.
  • Water and city challenge mats: Create a story and educational settings for various tasks and tracking activities.
  • General skills mats: With targets, tracks and patterns, students can test their skills in many different ways.
  • Grids: We have grid mats built to challenge specifications, great for competitions and general practice.

The Benefits of Robotics

Aside from the pure fun it offers, robotics has plenty of educational benefits for kids. It can help with:
  • Creativity. Robotics calls for generating creative solutions to reach a goal and can really challenge students' imaginations.
  • Resilience. Many kids lack the patience to get through tough problems, but robotics requires it if you want to succeed. Students get a chance to develop perseverance and see where it takes them.
  • Collaboration. Working together as a team is an essential skill for any kid. Programming and building robots are excellent opportunities for designating and working in different roles.
  • Programming skills. Students can also develop a range of technical skills that form an excellent foundation for lucrative careers in STEAM, such as engineering and computer science.

Explore New Opportunities With John R. Green Co.

John R. Green Co.'s student robotics supplies make it easy to present your class with new learning opportunities in their STEAM education. Programming is essential for many future careers, and these tools give them a great start. We offer various robotics mats for students so you can pick the right ones for their skill level and needs.
At John R. Green Co., our customer service representatives are always ready to help. Reach out if you need assistance, or explore all our robots and mats for sale!