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Help your young builders take their skills to new heights with construction sets for students. Browse our wide inventory of kits online at John R. Green Co..

Building and creating are essential parts of playtime for any young learner. While construction sets can be fun, they also help students develop critical competencies, such as fine motor skills, teamwork and creativity. John R. Green Co. carries a wide range of construction sets for students, perfect for any age and price range.

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Types of Construction Sets for Classrooms

While classic building blocks and bricks can be fun, there are tons of other unique options to choose from. For instance, playing with blocks has been linked to improved spatial ability and executive functioning — they can even contribute to language skills when grown-ups use the right words.
Our versatile inventory includes:
  • Snap-together cubes. These simple cubes fit together nicely and can be a great tool for both building and counting practice.
  • Squigz and Squigz Toobz. Bendy little sticks and suction cups come together to create weird and loopy structures and connections.
  • Building blocks and KEVA® activity sets. From classic wooden blocks to funky flexible ones, we have many options to keep kids learning. KEVA® blocks are durable, rectangular wooden blocks that are perfect for building. We also have kits with age-appropriate activities and puzzles for students to complete.
  • Kinetic dominos. Students can create complex domino pathways and watch them fall with these exciting kits that often include accessories such as spinners and ramps.
  • Sets with slotted pieces. We have several products available that call for no additional connectors or baseplates. They feature slits on the sides that clip together for endless possibilities without any hardware or tools.
  • Rods and connectors. By combining straws or dowels with versatile connectors, kids can build fun, flexible creations.
  • Stacking pegboards. While pegboard tools are fun, we also have pegboards with stacking pieces for an extra element.
  • Buildable forts. The Constructa Den includes all the pieces necessary to create various forts and hideouts, perfect for playing house, pretending to captain a boat or just hanging out during reading time.
Besides these kid-focused toys, we also have several tools for teachers working with construction sets for classrooms. Our hands-on standards books can help ensure your manipulatives fully contribute to your curriculum and standards requirements. We also have a variety of makerspace storage carts because hands-on learning doesn't have to be messy. These carts feature plenty of drawers to organize the different tools and toys your students may use, all color-coded for easier setup and cleanup.

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At John R. Green Co., we know every class is different. We provide a wide range of construction sets for students, so you can choose the right one for your kids that meets their needs and your price range. We support this extensive product selection with customer support that's second to none. If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to a representative.
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