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Giant Building Blocks

Many little builders need big building materials. Help them stretch their imaginations with our selection of giant building blocks for sale. Order online today.

Small hands love big blocks. Whether they're just being creative or honing their science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) skills, giant building blocks can help young students start building. They're brightly colored, versatile and large enough for hands that lack sophisticated coordination.

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What Can You Do With Giant Building Blocks?

These extra-large building blocks are an excellent toy for just about any young kid. They're a great choice for helping students develop:
  • Creativity.
  • Motor skills.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Hand-eye coordination.

You can even use them to teach math or basic building concepts such as the importance of a solid base. The beauty of these giant blocks is that kids can interact with them in a way that's not possible with smaller blocks. Traditional blocks can possibly fit a toy car in the structure, but kids can physically run through an arch they built or jump over a wall with giant building blocks. The things they build can be as tall as them — that's not possible with most other toys.

Free building is one of the best ways to use giant building blocks. Kids love to get creative and learn how to build through trial and error. However, if you're out of ideas and need something to start playtime, consider the following activities:
  • Creating the tallest tower: Have students learn what makes a solid foundation by trying to build the tallest tower they can. Count the number of blocks they can add before it falls and compare it to other students' creations.
  • Making comparisons: During free building, stop and ask young students to make comparisons or count the bricks. Which tower is taller? Which has fewer blocks?
  • Building a maze: Have the students lay the blocks on the ground to create a winding maze to run through.
After they're done playing, let kids knock all the blocks over and start again!

Our Jumbo Building Blocks for Sale

At John R. Green Co., we have several different styles of giant building blocks for sale. Many are made of tough cardboard, which offers a cost-effective and lightweight option. Some are even water-resistant and can support significant amounts of weight.
If you want something more durable, check out our foam or Gorilla blocks. Traditional foam blocks are smooth with precision-cut edges for easy building. In contrast, Gorilla blocks are built with a specialized foam material and feature interlocking edges, similar to smaller building bricks. They stack more securely and can stay together.

John R. Green Co.'s Giant Building Blocks

Giant building blocks are an excellent tool for whole-body building activities and developing many basic skills. They're also just plain fun for any kid. We carry several different styles of these big building blocks, so you can select the best fit for your classroom. Our knowledgeable customer care team is happy to help if you need any assistance.
Explore our full selection of giant building blocks for sale and order online today.