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Geometry Manipulatives

Learning shapes is a lot easier when you can see and feel them. Our geometry manipulatives for students allow kids to build their own shapes and get creative.

When your young students learn about shapes, it's not always easy for them to wrap their heads around the concepts. Touching and feeling the shapes can create a hands-on experience for students and help them remember things more easily.
While blocks and existing shapes might do the trick, they're not quite as exciting to work with. On the other hand, geometry manipulatives allow students to play an active role in creating both simple and complex shapes. They can build classic shapes they've learned in class or go crazy and create all sorts of odd structures. John R. Green Co. has a range of geometry manipulatives for elementary students for sale and more complex versions for middle schoolers.

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Geometry Manipulatives for Students for Sale

Geometry manipulatives can take several forms but typically use one of two base styles:
Rods: Often, geometry manipulatives will give you a collection of arcs and rods of varying lengths. They fit into connectors or magnets that join the rods to form all sorts of shapes. Students can also create 3D or 2D shapes.Panels: Panel manipulatives have rods, along with square, triangular and pentagon panels. These pieces have magnetic tips that fit onto each other and can be used to create more complicated geometric shapes.Rod-based manipulatives are a little more basic for younger kids, and panel designs make excellent geometry manipulatives for middle school students.

Activities With Geometry Manipulatives

Free builds are an excellent way to let the creative juices flow and can work well for helping students learn their way around geometric shapes. Still, there are plenty of activities to pair with geometry manipulatives for fun, creative shape learning. Consider the following activities:
  • Creating 3D shapes: Draw a 2D shape on the board and ask students to create its 3D counterpart with the manipulatives.
  • Discovering different shapes: Give students a specific number of rods and connectors and see how many different shapes they can create.
  • Building the basics: Say the name of a shape and have kids build it in 2D or 3D form. They could also have a race to see who gets it done the fastest.
  • Analyzing various shapes: Have students create any complicated shape they like. Then, they can answer questions about the shape's sides and vertices. Depending on their age level, they could also calculate the surface area and volume.

John R. Green Co. Is Your Trusted Partner in Shaping Education

Whether you're working with youngsters just learning their squares and triangles or older students tackling dodecahedrons and more complex measurements, John R. Green Co. has the right geometry manipulatives for sale. Most of these products come at the perfect junction of cost and quality, so you can give your students hands-on learning experiences without going over budget.
Besides our large selection of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) products and geometry manipulatives for students, we also have a team of knowledgeable customer service representatives ready to help if you need it — reach out for assistance.
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