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Gear building sets can help students create dynamic, moving structures that engage and entertain. Explore our versatile gear toys for kids today.

Gears can be exciting for young kids because movement in one spot creates a chain of events that sends other gears and components into motion. Gear toys can help students understand how gears work and provide a fun, functional toy at the same time. We have many types of gear toys for students for sale that work for different age ranges. Young kids can spin and turn chunky gear sets, while older students can use gears as part of more complex engineering builds.

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Gear Building Sets for Students

Gear building sets let students spin and twirl parts to their hearts' content or create functional items, such as a whirling pinwheel or moving crane. Kids can even build towers and full buildings with these moving sets since they fit together so well.
We have a range of different gear toys for kids for sale:
  • Basic gear sets: Classic gear sets use chunky plastic gears that interlock. Kids can build complex structures with these gears. Then, when they move one, any connecting gears will spin too.
  • Early learner gear sets: With these gear sets, young kids can enjoy mix-and-match baseplates that automatically connect in a grid for fun, seamless spinning. Some of these sets even have fun characters on them.
  • Gear learning kits: Certain kits are more oriented toward the principles of gears, such as the direction of rotations, idlers and compound gearing. We have kits with all the tools for learning these concepts and building a structure that puts everything together.
  • Themed gear sets: Gear sets can also feature themes, such as flowers or sea creatures, that add a cute touch.
  • Gear stencils: Students can use these convenient stencils to draw gears on their "blueprints" or make some technical artwork.
  • Gear sets with additional components: If you're looking to help kids hone their engineering skills, we also have gear building sets for students with many extra tools, including chains, axles, drive units, tires, buckets, washers, pulleys and building pieces such as planks and frames.
Regardless of age, gear building sets for students can be excellent educational tools for learning the mechanics of a significant piece of engineering. In addition to familiarizing children with these components, gear toys are also fun. Many feature bright colors to appeal to smaller kids. Others allow for extensive creativity with a massive array of building components. Kids can use them to make a working windmill, car or almost anything they can think of.

Gear Up for Education With the Help of John R. Green Co.

If you're looking for more ways to introduce science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) concepts to your young learners, our gear building sets for students for sale are a great idea. They're fun while helping kids see how gears work. At John R. Green Co., we know every class is different. That's why we carry a vast range of gear toys for kids, so you can choose the best options for your budding engineers.
Explore our student gear sets and order online, or reach out to us if you have any questions!