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Electricity Kits

Help your students learn about electricity with our versatile and hands-on electrical kits for students. Browse our inventory and order online.

Electricity and circuits are excellent topics for hands-on learning, where students can see their work come to life. Whether they're creating simple circuits or more complex ones, they get to be the driving force that allows a current to move from one place to another. Bring new learning opportunities to your classroom with electricity learning kits for students for sale at John R. Green Co..

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Electrical Circuit Kits for Schools

Electricity can be tough for many students to wrap their heads around — it's a little intimidating, especially when you can't see it. Electricity learning kits for students can make things a little easier by providing a more interactive experience. Students can actively participate in creating the pathway for currents to follow, which reinforces educational concepts and creates a satisfying and fun project.
Our electrical circuit kits range from straightforward to completely freeform. Some have clear instructions and snapping pieces, while others contain a wide range of components for unlimited circuit designs. Students may even be able to combine electricity kits with other items, such as putty and building bricks, you have laying around. They can build cars and send them racing or create an entire frequency modulation (FM) radio with these colorful blocks.
Some of the components you'll find in these kits include:
  • Switches.
  • Lamps and bulbs.
  • Speakers.
  • Fans and windmills.
  • Motors.
  • Wire connectors.
  • Battery holders.
  • Buzzers.
  • Controllers.
  • Spacer blocks.
  • Base grids.
  • Copper tape.
  • Batteries.
The sky's the limit with these versatile parts and pieces!

Activity Ideas for Electrical Kits for Students

While many of these electricity kits for students work well for free-form building and letting imaginations run wild, there are also plenty of activities you can facilitate for more structured learning:
  • Build a car: Have kids combine their engineering skills with electrical knowledge by creating a car out of building bricks, cardboard or another lightweight material. Then, attach a propeller and battery, set up the circuit and let it rip.
  • Use potato or lemon batteries: The components of an electrical kit are great for conducting this classic experiment, in which students can power an electric clock with the acids in a piece of produce.
  • Create light-up cards: Have students use a paper circuit kit to add tiny lights to homemade cards. They can light up a Christmas tree, illuminate the stars in the night sky or try other fun activities. These lights pair well with student artwork and other crafty activities.
  • Start a dance party: Students can use the blocks in one of our light-up kits to go alongside their favorite songs or a radio circuit. When they finish the circuit, they get a dance party out of the deal.

Power Their Education With Electricity Learning Kits for Students for Sale

Whether you have a future electrician on your hands or want to teach the basics of electricity to your students, we have electricity learning kits to start their education. From component collections to magnetic circuit blocks, you can engage their creativity and teach electrical concepts at the same time. Reach out to us for more information on these products or order online today.