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Whether you need supplies for a home office, traditional office or school, The Classroom Store has an array of office supplies for sale. Explore our inventory.

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The world practically runs on office supplies. Think about how many tasks would screech to a halt without a flash drive, pens, sticky notes or envelopes. Fortunately, John R. Green Co. has you covered. Whether your job entails keeping a school running, overseeing an office of employees or working in a home office, we have everything you need to keep things moving smoothly.

Our Office Supplies for Sale Online Here!

Our home office supplies for sale online include a massive range of items:

  • Money handling supplies: Bill counters and coin sorters can make quick work of large sums of money, and cash boxes keep things safe and organized.
  • Library accessories: Make the library fun and organized with all sorts of accessories, such as bookends, book tape, magazine holders and privacy boards. 
  • Computer and printer items: In the digital age, there are many different tools you may need to accompany computers, such as monitor stands, flash drives, cleaning supplies, keyboards and mice, and headphones.
  • Papers and paper supplies: We carry just about every kind of paper you can think of, including index cards, legal pads and memo books. You can also find tools such as paper punches, shredder lubricant and shredders for personal and high-capacity use.
  • General office items: A few basics of any office include items such as staplers, sticky notes, index cards, envelopes, clipboards, tape, stamps and correction fluids.
  • Filing and organizing: Our binders, dividers, pouches and filing supplies can help you get organized and stay that way in whatever color and style you prefer.
  • Calculators: Whether you need a scientific calculator, classroom calculator kit, pocket calculator or something in between, we have an office calculator fit for the job.
  • School forms and raffles: For those working in a school administration office, we have a wide variety of forms available, including tardy slips, permission slips, tax forms, visitor register books and raffle tickets.  
  • Planners and calendars: Our academic planners come in a variety of sizes, from large desk-sized calendar pads to classic book planners
  • Markers, pens and highlighters: Even the pickiest writer can find pens to their liking in our inventory. These include gel pens, rollerball pens, porous point pens, cost-effective stick pens and many specialty options. Other writing tools are also available.
  • Mounts: We have a wide range of mounting supplies and adhesives to help you stick nearly any two items together. 
  • Magnets, clips, paper clips and rubber bands: With a versatile selection of paper-holding tools, you can find functional and fashionable options perfect for your office.
  • Desk accessories: Keeping a desk organized is no easy task. Make it simpler with our desk trays, file pockets, desk organizers and other desk tools.
  • Labels, ID badges and name tags: Ensure everything is easily identifiable with a variety of labels, label makers, name tags, badges, badge holders and lanyards.
  • Laminating supplies and transparency sheets: For additional durability, we have laminating machines and pouches, as well as transparency sheets for easy demonstrations.

Make Your Work Easier With Office Supplies From John R. Green Co.

At John R. Green Co., we pride ourselves on offering a massive inventory of office supplies online. Whether you're looking for home office supplies for sale or items for your school or office administration, we can help.

Check out our items online and reach out if you need assistance!