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Math Materials

In math class, small plastic bears, blocks and fake money become valuable learning tools. Explore math supplies for sale at John R. Green Co.!

Math supplies can include essential learning components or nice-to-have tools for reinforcement and better understanding. Whether it's little ones who need a tactile counting experience or older students who want calculators for complex equations, John R. Green Co.'s collection of math materials for sale makes it easy to find what they need.

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Math Teaching Supplies for Elementary, Middle and High School

Little ones have the world at their feet when it comes to math supplies. From counting items to games and fake money, there are many opportunities to turn math into a hands-on experience for higher engagement and multimodal learning.
Some of the math teaching materials we carry for early learners include:
  • Block sets. Help students learn their shapes and get creative with attribute blocks, pattern blocks and building blocks.
  • Counting items and sorting games. From bears and dinosaurs to fruit and transparent circles, there's no shortage of fun, colorful items students can use to hone their counting skills.
  • Abacuses or rekenrek. Use these sliding-bead tools to help students learn about counting, colors and patterns.
  • Games. A wide range of math games can help students bring some healthy competition into their math learning activities.
  • Dice. Support a range of games and learning activities with standard, foam, double-sided, polyhedra and math games dice.
  • Fake money. Kids can learn all about exchanging money with play money sets, magnetic money and cash registers.
  • Time-telling resources. Use tools such as mini clocks, dry-erase clock faces and flashcards to teach kids how to tell time.
  • Number charts. With number charts and boards, you can create instructional materials for counting, addition, subtraction and other operations. 
As they get older, students often need more structured math resources, including daily practice activities and drills to help them better retain the concepts they learn in class. Flashcards are an excellent way to help students increase their mental math speed and become more familiar with equations, such as multiplication and division. When fractions and decimals come into play, we have color-coded decimal squares and number lines to help.
Calculators are another important part of math education. We have a wide range of calculators, including simple pocket calculators, graphing calculators and scientific calculators.
For all the different subjects involved in math education, you can also find books full of assessments, lesson plans and activities, as well as workbooks for students to practice in.

Order Math Materials From John R. Green Co.

John R. Green Co. understands the needs of math educators across different grade levels, which is why we offer such a massive selection of resources. You can choose the right tools for your class and students, all at affordable pricing. These quality math supplies for teachers can help you turn math into a more experiential class, full of tactile and visual information to reinforce concepts and appeal to different learners.
Check out all our math teaching supplies for sale and buy online today. Our team is always happy to assist if you have any questions!