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Help young learners understand the world around them through exciting sensory toys for kids. Browse light tables, sand and water toys, and other options today.

Kids are built to explore the world around them. They use as many senses as they can to understand the items in front of them — even if it means putting your expensive phone in their mouth. To better satisfy your kids' desires for exciting sensory input, we have a range of sensory toys for young children. These toys are an excellent way to get their attention and help them learn about the world in fascinating ways.

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Light Tables

Light tables and activities are great ways to capture kids' visual interests. They can shine a bright light through translucent accessories, such as chips, building blocks, images and X-rays. Kids then get to watch different items interact with the light and see how overlapping objects affect each other. It's both fun and helpful for learning about light. We have light tables and panels and a wide range of accessories to go with them.

Sand and Water Toys

Sand and water toys make excellent sensory toys for toddlers. They can splash, sift and build with cool grains of sand or splashes of water. These toys provide a great tactile experience and help kids familiarize themselves with how these substances work when manipulated. We have a wide range of these sensory toys for sale, including massive play sets, individual tools and easy-to-clean trays to contain the fun.

The Benefits of Sensory Toys

Aside from the inherent fun involved, sensory toys help your little learners with many essential parts of their development. Kids' sensory toys can be especially useful for children with certain conditions such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). However, they are also valuable for any child learning about the world around them. Sensory toys can:
  • Help build neuron connections. Young children are going through a massive amount of brain development, meaning they're constantly building and refining nerve pathways when exposed to new stimuli and ways of thinking. Sensory play broadens their horizons and helps them create pathways for these new types of information.
  • Contribute to developing fine motor skills. Playing with these items can help children build their fine motor skills as they play with small items and use uniquely behaving materials such as sand.
  • Teach about attributes. Playing with items that involve the senses is a great time to talk about their characteristics. Is the scoop wet from being in the water or rough from being covered in sand? Is the plastic crab they're holding cold or warm? Improve language skills by discussing attributes during sensory play.

Your Partner in Sensory Toys for Toddlers

If you're looking for sensory toys for 2- to 3-year-olds for sale or toys for other early learners, John R. Green Co. has a wide selection of items to choose from, all with quality and cost-effective pricing in mind. Find the best toys for your young learners and get them on the right path with sensory play. Our inventory includes many hard-to-find and closeout items and is supported by an exceptional customer service team.
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