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Early Math Resources

"From abacuses to math beads, John R. Green Co. has a wide array of early math resources sure to fit your classrooms needs. Buy online today!"

Math isn't always easy, especially when your students' hands are too small to hold a calculator. To make things simpler, we have a large collection of early childhood math resources for sale that help young students grasp concepts more easily and practice everything they've learned.

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Abacuses and Math Beads

Abacuses have been used since ancient times and are great tools for teaching math to young children. The abacus typically features 10 rows of taut string with colorful beads on each one and can be used with a wide range of activities. They're great for visualizing addition, subtraction and multiplication and learning colors and patterns. You can separate two amounts with your finger, then slide them together to show their full amount.
The rekenrek is similar but only features two bars, and the beads are split into different colors for each half. This makes it easier to visualize and work with multiples of five.
We carry both types of beading tools built with sturdy constructions, as well as extra rekenrek string sets and activity cards.

Counting and Sorting Manipulatives

Counting is always easier if you have something to hold onto. We have a massive collection of counting manipulatives and sorting tools, such as classic counting bears, along with other animals, items, chips, beads and linking shapes. Many of these come in fun, themed kits so students can count penguins on "icy" pegs or help place eggs back into a chicken. Other tools to help them count include sorting bowls and bags, great for letting students keep track of what they've separated.

Early Math Games and Activities

Get your students engaged with our early childhood math games. These are an excellent choice for completing classroom work and building math skills at home. Choose from a variety of game types, such as board games and whole-body movement games, to find the ones that fit your students and classroom best.
Other fun math resources in our inventory include activity cards and kits, coding robots and sets, and puzzles and blocks.

Other Early Childhood Math Resources

Other types of math resources we carry include:
  • Learning mats. These mats offer fun practice activities in convenient wipeable mats.
  • Magnets. Make instruction easier with large magnets for your board, such as greater than and less than signs and rekenrek beads, or provide individual learning tools, including shapes and letters for student dry-erase boards.
  • Number balance and paths. Help reinforce number learning with these visual tools.
  • Number bond tools. Number bonds can help students see how numbers come together to create new ones. Number bond magnets and dry-erase boards make it easy to demonstrate and practice many early childhood math concepts.

Purchase Early Learning Math Resources From John R. Green Co.

Your young learner is unique, and John R. Green Co. is dedicated to offering a wide selection of resources, so you can match the needs of your students. Whether you want to supply a classroom with tools or support preschool math at home, we've got you covered. Our quality early learning math resources come at competitive prices and are supported by our stellar customer service team.
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