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Pencil Sharpeners

Help your students stay sharp with the right pencil sharpeners for your classroom. Browse John R. Green Co.'s expansive inventory to buy now!

Give those No. 2 pencils a fresh start with the right pencil sharpener. Whether you're looking for mini handheld sharpeners for each student or a large electric sharpener to support the students in your classroom each day, we've got you covered. John R. Green Co. carries just about every kind of pencil sharpener available and provides the support and affordable pricing you can expect from the school supply professionals.

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Types of School Pencil Sharpeners for Sale

Most pencil sharpeners for classrooms fall under one of three categories:
  • Electric sharpeners: With minimum effort required, an electric sharpener can make quick work of those dull pencils — a great choice if you have a lot of students or want to minimize disruptive sharpener sounds. Choose one with handy features such as auto stop, safety locks, adjustable dials and lights that turn on when the pencil is sharp.
  • Handheld sharpeners: With handheld sharpeners, students can avoid getting up in the middle of class and distracting other students. They can quietly sharpen their pencils at their desk or wherever they go. They're the perfect addition to any student's backpack. These handheld school pencil sharpeners for sale also come in several different designs, including those that catch shavings and work on crayons.
  • Manual sharpeners: Manual sharpeners are a classic tool in many classrooms, and you can count on them without worrying about changing any batteries. We have many different types of manual pencil sharpeners for sale with permanent or suctioned adhesion to a surface in your classroom.
Be sure to consider which size pencils your students are using. Younger kids, for instance, may use jumbo pencils for easier handwriting, but these pencils won't fit standard-sized holes. Some sharpeners have dials for this purpose or two holes for both pencil sizes.
The right pencil sharpener can be a useful addition to any classroom. Electric sharpeners are great for those who want fast results or cool features, while manual sharpeners are a good choice for the teacher who wants to create a simple, battery-independent solution. If you want to give your students a portable, cost-effective way to sharpen their pencils on the go or without leaving their seats, handheld sharpeners are a great choice. 
In addition to sharpeners, we carry some additional accessories, such as batteries and replacement cutting cartridges.

Buy Pencil Sharpeners for Teachers and Students From John R. Green Co.

At John R. Green Co., we aim to empower teachers by providing a vast selection of affordable, high-quality school supplies. With many options, you can better create a classroom that fits your students' needs. Pencil sharpeners are a significant part of a classroom — they affect distraction levels, can speed up sharpening and can provide portability or durability, depending on the design.
Whichever sharpener is right for you and your students, we can help you get it with competitive pricing, cost-effective shipping and exceptional customer service. Browse our pencil sharpeners for sale online or reach out to us if you have any questions!