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Do your school supplies measure up? Get your students ready for measuring tasks with quality rulers, compasses and protractors. Explore our measuring tools!

From science diagrams and mathematic charts to illustrations, measuring tools are essential in many different courses, including the primary grades where students first learn to read a ruler. At John R. Green Co., we carry a vast assortment of rulers, compasses and protractors at cost-effective prices to fit your classroom's unique needs.

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Types of School Measuring Tools for Sale

When it comes to teaching arithmetic, rulers play a role in educating both young children and older students. Below are just a few types of measuring tools and school rulers for sale:
  • Standard rulers: We have metal, wood and plastic rulers for sale, along with triangular and folding designs to meet the needs of different students and classrooms. Some classes, such as art and shop, need more durable options, while younger students can benefit from lightweight and flexible rulers. Many wooden school rulers for sale also have a metal edge for easier writing and drafting.
  • Protractors: Help students learn the ins and outs of angles and arcs with the help of protractors. They're typically made of plastic and come in a range of sizes. Some include swings to create straight markings at any point along the arc.
  • Compasses: Get perfect circles and arcs for a wide variety of tasks, such as art, drafting and math. Compasses can range from classic metal constructions to ergonomic models and those outfitted with safety points.
  • Measuring tape: Measure rounded and curved objects with flexible measuring tape, which is also easy to store. 

Measuring Activities for Students

Are you trying to get creative with using rulers for school activities? Here are some fun ways to use rulers in different grade levels:
  • Paper airplane contests: Give students a tracking sheet and have them each make a paper airplane. They can launch their airplanes from the same spot and measure the distance it flies with a measuring tape. Whoever flies the farthest wins!
  • Test sheets: Print off worksheets with a variety of pictures on them, such as bugs, fruits, animals or cars, and ask students to find various measurements, including the length and diagonals.
  • Scavenger hunts: Find or make a worksheet with a list of different everyday items you can find in a classroom. Give each student or group a plastic ruler and send them off to measure things in the room, such as erasers, the pencil sharpener, a book, the poster on the wall or their friends' heights.
  • Compass mandalas: Show your students how art and math can come together by creating mandalas with compasses. Instruct them to create overlapping circles and arcs and color in the shapes they create. This activity can easily be aged up for older classes, too.
  • Constellation angles: Hand out printables of major constellations, and ask students to use their protractors to identify the angles between the connecting lines.

Measuring Tools for Sale From John R. Green Co.

At John R. Green Co., we aim to provide quality school supplies — even the hard-to-find ones — at affordable prices. Our large selection of measuring tools for schools allows you to find the right fit for your classroom. Take a look at our measuring tools for teachers or reach out to us to speak with a representative!