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Dry Erase and Chalk

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Blackboards and dry-erase boards offer a great place to display information and pose an excellent opportunity for interactive learning and decor. After all, who didn't enjoy going up to the board to write down their answers or play games in school? Both front-of-room and smaller dry-erase boards for individual use are great opportunities to incorporate new activities into your classroom.
John R. Green Co. carries a wide array of dry-erase boards for sale online, as well as all the tools and accessories you need to create engaging, affordable activities that are easy to set up.

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Blackboard and Dry-Erase Supplies for Classrooms

Many teachers have a favorite marker — it's an integral part of the board you use every day. We carry a large assortment of dry-erase markers with varied colors, tip sizes and built-in erasers to let creativity loose. We can also supply chalk in low-dust and colored varieties, along with chalk holders that minimize dusty hands. For both chalkboards and dry-erase boards, you'll need an eraser, and we have options with ergonomic grips and fun, kid-friendly designs.
Other useful tools to have with your blackboard or dry-erase board include cleaning supplies and accessories. Blackboards and whiteboards often look best after being wiped down with cloths or cleaner, and you can always accessorize them with fun magnets, games and repositionable labels. To store all your accessories and dry-erase supplies for your classroom, we have magnetic baskets, shelves and pockets for organization.
Outside of the large board on classroom walls, you can also use smaller, personal whiteboards and blackboards for a wide range of class activities. These might include:
  • Dry-erase paddles and boards. With a simple rectangular board or paddle, students can respond individually in surveys and review games and use markers to do scratch work or handwriting practice. The possibilities are endless with these fun tools that kids love. Many of our dry-erase paddles and boards are available with additional accessories such as markers, mini erasers and magnets. 
  • Dry-erase pockets. Dry-erase pockets allow you to slide a paper underneath the dry-erase surface so students can fill out the pages over and over or make corrections to each other's work. These pockets are great for tracing letters, drawing hands on a clock and learning fractions.
  • Dry-erase pads and rolls. With these adhesive sheets, you can place large dry-erase surfaces wherever you need to. Spread a few out across the classroom for group activities or use them as a projector space if your classroom isn't outfitted with one.

Chalk and Dry-Erase Boards for Sale Online From John R. Green Co.

Whether you're looking to create some fun interactive activities or help your whiteboard reach its fullest potential, our dry-erase supplies for classrooms can help. At John R. Green Co., we take pride in offering cost-effective, high-quality supplies to teachers and educators, helping them create the best learning environments possible. We also offer affordable shipping and are happy to answer any questions you may have about our chalkboard and dry-erase supplies for sale online.
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