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For more than 60 years, BIC® has provided simple, high-quality office supplies and writing tools to help you accomplish your everyday tasks with ease. Their products are a reliable solution for any writing you need to do.

Durable, long-lasting writing tools are a necessity in any classroom environment for both educators and their students. When you shop with John R. Green Co., you'll find a wide selection of BIC products for sale online, including classics like their Cristal® ballpoint pens and new products like their coloring pencils and washable magic markers.

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Try Unbeatable BIC Pens

The Cristal® ballpoint pen was BIC's first product, and it remains the number one ball pen in the world today. BIC also offers many other options, including other stick pens, retractable pens, gel ink pens, four-color pens and fine liners.

Whatever your preference, BIC pens can add some excitement to your curriculum. For younger grades, adding pens to the mix can easily jazz up boring activities. For example, you can let your students practice their handwriting with colorful pens.

Institute pencil-free days for your class to change things up and get a feel for their thought processes. If they can't erase their work, you gain insight into how their minds worked through the assignment and can address any sticking points as you progress with your lessons.

Eliminate Trips to the Sharpener

Every grade-school educator knows how distracting trips to the pencil sharpener can be for students. They'll visit several times per class, with the loud sharpener bringing everything to a halt until they're done. Eventually, they sharpen their pencils to nothing but stumps.

Eliminate trips to the sharpener by giving your students alternative writing tools that don't require maintenance. Pens are a great option to help kids get excited about their work, but they're less forgiving than pencils. On the other hand, BIC mechanical pencils offer all of the benefits of pencil use without needing to be sharpened or maintained.

Mechanical pencils outperform wood-cased pencils on long-lasting durability, with each one writing about the same amount as 2.5 wooden pencils. They come in several colors and create fewer distractions and excuses for students to get up from their desks.

Embrace Dry-Erase

While chalkboards used to dominate, in most modern classrooms, you'll find one or more dry-erase boards. These whiteboards allow educators to write important points, create diagrams or explain concepts to their students. We offer many colorful, low-odor, high-quality BIC dry erase markers to help make your lessons clear.

Encourage full participation and engagement by allowing your students to work with dry-erase markers and mini-whiteboards during classroom activities. Play fun games where students have to write the answers to questions on their whiteboards, then erase and move on to the next round. You'll get a better feel for how well each student understands the lesson, and they'll have fun.

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At John R. Green Co., we want to help you stock your classroom and provide the best educational experience possible for your students. Shop our online collection of BIC classroom products for sale to find everything you need for next year.