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When it comes to the arts, paint is an incredibly versatile and well-loved medium, making it a great choice for both young children and advanced art students. Little ones can experiment with easy-to-wash watercolors and tempera paints, while older kids can learn about the unique properties and capabilities of oil paints and acrylics. Whatever stage your budding artists are at, John R. Green Co. can support them with a wide range of classroom paints for sale online.

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Which Type of Paint Is Right for My Class?

What's the difference between acrylics and tempera paint? Which type of paint is best for little kids? Do you need special supplies? We have different kinds of paints for teachers and students for sale to meet all your needs:
  • Watercolor paint: Watercolors are excellent for students of all ages and come in nontoxic, highly washable sets for young kids and more sophisticated varieties for art students. They are available in pans, tubes and liquids.
  • Tempera paint: Tempera paint is similar to acrylic paint but is a bit more kid-friendly. These paints are very washable and typically nontoxic. They're still good for mixing with their opaque color and matte finish and tend to be very economical in price.
  • Acrylic paint: Acrylic classroom paint is one of the most versatile paints available. It has great pigmentation, holds its color for a long time and works well on most surfaces. It also accepts other mediums quite well, allowing you to add effects such as a high-gloss finish or fluid-like pouring characteristics.
  • Oil paint: Oil paint can be a little more demanding. It has a glossy finish and dries slowly and true to color, making it a good medium for blending and working more slowly. Note that oil painting does require a prepared canvas and turpentine paint thinners, which can have several risks, such as fumes, irritation and flammability.
  • Spray paint: Spray paint offers quick, even coverage for large surface areas. It can be handy for many big projects but needs to be applied outside with appropriate ventilation.
We carry each of these paints and accessories such as fixative, varnish and mediums.

Specialty Classroom Paint for Sale

In addition to the above paints for sale for teachers and students, we have some specialty paints for more specific applications:
  • Face paint: For safe, nonirritating coverage on skin
  • Dot paints: Sponge-tipped paint markers for dot art
  • Window paints: Weather-resistant window paint that comes off with glass cleaner
  • Paint sticks: Low-mess sticks for easy painting, such as a crayon
  • Sidewalk paints: Liquid paints that behave like chalk on the ground
  • Fabric paints, markers and dye: For decorating clothing and other fabrics

Trust John R. Green Co. for Student Paints for Sale

At John R. Green Co., we have the tools and support team to help you get the right classroom paints for your students. Whether you're looking for paint for elementary students or options for art classes, we have you covered. We also have plenty of brushes, supplies and paper.

If you have questions about any of our student art products, please reach out to us or order online today!