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Glue & Adhesives

Keep sticky hands and gluey messes at bay with the right kind of school glue for sale. Choose your adhesives from John R. Green Co.'s large inventory!

Whether used for arts and crafts time or classroom decor, glue and other adhesives are important for just about any classroom. They can bring kids' projects together and help you create valuable learning resources. However, it's necessary to get the right kind of adhesive since little ones aren't known for their dexterity and can easily create messes. John R. Green Co. carries a wide selection of school glue for sale online, as well as stronger adhesives for teachers and art students.

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School Glue for Sale

When it comes to choosing glue for your students, you need to consider their age range. Small children can easily get glue on everything, and you don't want that adhesion to be permanent. We have Elmer's school glue for sale, which is a common selection for nontoxic, general-purpose, washable glue. It's available in liquid form or glue sticks. We carry similar glues from other manufacturers such as Crayola® and Gorilla Glue® and special formulas, including clear glue, no-run gel and glue-all.

Specialty Glue for Students and Teachers

Depending on the materials you're working with, you or your students may need to use some special types of glues:
  • Wood glue: Wood glue creates strong bonds between wood surfaces and is sandable and paintable.
  • Duco® Cement: Duco® Cement is a waterproof cement that adheres to a range of materials such as glass, wood, metal and fabrics.
  • Glitter glue: While not technically an adhesive, glitter glue still has "glue" in the name. It can add some sparkly flair to students' artwork.
  • Tacky glue: Tacky glue is similar to school glue but is thicker and stronger.
  • Gorilla Glue®: One of the strongest glues out there, Gorilla Glue® can bond almost anything, including stone, metal, ceramics, foam, wood and glass.
  • Super glue: Super glue is extra-strong liquid glue and comes in very tiny bottles.

Before using any of these specialty glues with children, make sure your students can handle them. Some, such as Gorilla Glue® and Duco® Cement, are incredibly strong or give off dangerous fumes or smells.

In addition to glue, we also have mini and low-temperature glue guns and full-size glue guns for teachers or students.

Other Adhesives and Adhesive Removers for Teachers and Students

Glue is far from the only way to stick things together. We carry other adhesives, such as:
  • Rubber cement.
  • Adhesive tape.
  • Glue Dots®.
  • Spray adhesive.
  • Duct tape.
  • Epoxy.

There may come a time when you need to remove residue or stuck-on adhesive. Our inventory of adhesive supplies for teachers also includes removers, such as Goo Gone and Magic Erasers.

Purchase Glue for Students From John R. Green Co.

At John R. Green Co., we know just how unique every classroom is, which is why we carry a wide range of glues for sale to fit your students' abilities and your activities. Whether you need glues for art class or a school-wide project, our large selection of products can help. When you work with us, you get quality and competitive pricing with each item and exceptional customer service.
Buy school glue online today or reach out to us if you have any questions!