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Arts and crafts supplies are an essential component of any primary classroom. Explore the budget-friendly classroom craft supplies from John R. Green Co.!

If you work with little ones, you're probably familiar with school craft supplies. From wiggle eyes and pipe cleaners to glitter and poms, arts and crafts supplies for students can help foster creativity, turn a science lesson into a hands-on activity and create a brightly colored educational environment. Whatever you need, John R. Green Co. has you covered with a large selection of affordable, quality craft supplies for sale.

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Arts and Crafts Supplies for Students

Our collection of arts and crafts supplies for kids is truly expansive. This wide range of colorful products includes the following:
  • Beads, buttons and baubles: We have everything from classic and colorful beads to beading thread and miscellaneous buttons in many different styles. Other small supplies we carry include jingle bells, wiggle eyes, pompoms and colored noodles.
  • Wood and paper crafts: Wood and paper crafting are versatile activities with many different materials involved. For wood crafts, we have wooden shapes, clothespins, craft sticks, sandpaper, wooden dowels, wood-burning tools and carving tools. Some of our paper craft supplies include a variety of cut shapes and colored bags. For more paper options, check out our art paper selection.
  • Sparkly things: Between foils, gems, glitter and rhinestones, your students can make sparkly artwork with a wide range of glitter craft supplies.
  • Scratch art: Scratch art is a unique medium that's fun for both young kids and art students. With scratchboard knives or included sticks, students scratch off a layer of chalky material to reveal a background that can be rainbow, white or metallic.
  • Basketry: Basket weaving is a great activity for kids to make a functional piece of art that their parents will love to use every day. We have everything you need to teach basket weaving, including looms, fabric strips, reed and basket bottoms.
  • Yarn, fabric and foam: Foam and textiles can come in handy for hundreds of different crafts. We have felt sheets and shapes, foam boards, burlap, yarn and polyester fill.
We also carry a variety of student craft kits for easy, all-in-one solutions to craft time. Kids can do everything from creating ornaments to dressing up a foam character. In addition to these arts and crafts kits and crafting materials for classrooms, we have plenty of crafting storage options to keep all these bits well-organized.

John R. Green Co.'s Craft Supplies for Teachers

Whatever supplies you need, John R. Green Co. is here to help. No one knows your classroom better than you, and our wide selection of products allows you to pick just the right tools for the job. We carry quality arts and craft supplies for teachers at affordable prices, all supported by an exceptional customer service team. You can also check out our closeout items for an even better deal. 
If you have any questions about our craft supplies, please reach out to us! Explore all of our products and buy online today.