Whether it's on the sidewalk or art paper, chalk is a fun and versatile medium. Explore our school art chalk for sale to bring it to your classroom!

Whether it's going on the ground or a piece of paper, chalk is a fun-to-use medium that's appropriate for many different skill levels. While it may start as an exciting activity for little ones, it can quickly become a professional medium for more advanced artists as they grow older. Of course, this versatility means there are loads of different types of chalk to choose from. We have a vast range of school art chalk for sale, so your students can experience this gritty, vibrant and adaptable medium for themselves.

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School Art Chalk for Sale

We carry a variety of artistic and play chalk for students:
  • Pastels and art chalk: Many of the world's famous artists, such as Edgar Degas, Pablo Picasso and Jean-François Millet, were prolific in pastels, using the pastels' vibrant and unique appearances to bring all sorts of subjects to life. We have a range of pastels and art chalks, from beginner to professional grades, to help students learn the ins and outs of this medium. These chalk pastels have a matte finish and won't adhere to the work surface, so you'll need a sealant to protect pieces long term.
  • Oil pastels: Oil pastels, such as oil paints, are easier to work with and mix and have a creamy, waxy finish. They tend to have more intense colors, which are better preserved with a gesso-primed surface. Oil pastels will adhere to the paper better than chalk pastels.
  • Sidewalk chalk: We also have sidewalk chalk perfect for younger kids to get imaginative on a large surface area. Kids enjoy the big, easy-to-hold sizes and drawing in their environment, while many adults like chalk's easy washability. In addition to standard sidewalk chalk packs, we also carry products such as chalk holders, glitter chalk and sidewalk paint.
  • Chalk accessories: Some important accessories for chalk and pastel art include workable fixative and blending sticks.

Chalk and Pastel Project Ideas

Are you looking for fun projects to help students learn the ropes of pastels or express their creativity with sidewalk chalk? Below are some fun activities for various age groups:
  • Recreate a classic: Artists such as Degas, Vincent van Gogh and Georgia O'Keeffe are great sources for pastel inspiration. Have students make their own artwork in the style of these artists or recreate a famous piece.
  • Make holiday artwork: Get in the holiday spirit and help students create valentines, draw pumpkins or sketch out some Christmas trees with artists' pastels.
  • Try a self-portrait: This activity works great for all age levels on the sidewalk or paper. Students can draw themselves with chalk for a vibrant portrait.
  • Write positive messages: Have students write positive messages around the playground, so other students and teachers get reminders to "have a great day" or "be kind."

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